Effet 3D lipgloss

Pout your way to the top!

3 Dimensional shine, super glossy pumped-up lips

A formula enriched with micro crystalline wax for a deep, voluminous and ultra-shiny result. The specially designed brush applicator delivers ultra-glossy precise results with ease.

Make-up artist Tips:

Gloss and volume go hand in hand, so think to add a touch to the centre of the lower lip. For a super on-trend vinyl effect, you can apply a colour gloss then add a touch of clear for a sensational 3D smile.

Price $18


Available shades:
01 - beige élastic
20 - rose symphonic
02 - brun galactic
23 - framboise magnific
03 - brun rose academic
29 - rose charismatic
05 - rose hypothetic
33 - brun poétic
06 - rouge démocratic
46 - rose lyric
07 - rose or epic
48 - rose romantic
18 - transparent oniric
52 - corail idyllic

Shades shown depend on the settings of your personal monitor and may vary from actual products.