Effet 3D Max 8H

A new formula enriched with pomegranate for 8 hours* of luscious color and shine!


For colour and shine that lasts, and lasts… pomegranate is making its debut in a Bourjois lip gloss!

Effet 3D Max 8HR lip gloss promises to give your lips the fruity goodness of long-lasting formulas in a single step!

Why pomegranate? It’s fresh and delicious, but that’s not all! The pomegranate is a super fruit, bursting with beneficial active ingredients. 

Effet 3D Max 8H is an exceptional lip gloss with a pomegranate-enriched double action formula.

1/ Ultra-long hold: flawless colour and shine for 8 hours, without the need for touch-ups!
2/ The benefit of skincare: with the AHA in the pomegranate extract and their smoothing and regenerating properties, your lips are naturally more beautiful.

This creamy, non-sticky, workable formula teamed with a new-and-improved applicator delivers perfectly even application of colour for quick and precise make-up results.


Available in 8 fresh and delicious shades! 



Available shades:

Shades shown depend on the settings of your personal monitor and may vary from actual products.